DJs for Quinceanera

A Quinceanera is a Latin American celebration of the 15th birthday of a girl. It’s also called a Quince. This celebration honors the moving on of a young girl from the childhood chapter to the womanhood chapter. It’s important to note that Quinceanera is completely different from the traditional Sweet 16. Several dance performances with 28 closest friends and the birthday girl’s escorts characterize a Quinceanera night. These dance performances are choreographed and prepared in advanced. That’s why it’s wise to have the best DJs for Quinceanera. At Weeki Music, we have the top DJ providing this service across San Antonio. 

Perhaps, you’ve always waited for this celebration. We know that this is a special day for you. Our goal is to make your dream a reality. Because this day marks a new beginning for you, we make it truly special. Trust our Quinceanera DJs to make this special occasion what you’ve always dreamed of.

Top DJs in San Antonio for Quinceanera

Our talented DJs want to make sure that you enjoy every moment of this special day in your life. They provide a high-quality bilingual DJ service. During the Quinceanera reception, our DJs will make formal introductions and provide top-notch entertainment. 

That means your Quinceanera reception will start with a formal introduction and entry. The Quinceanera will be followed by the daughter waltz or father. The royal court will include Damas, Chambelan de Honor, and Chambelanes.  

Special dances will follow. This can be a dance between the Quinceanera and Chambelan. However, the Chambelan will seek permission from the Quinceanera’s father to take her hand for the dance. The Quinceanera’s court joins in the dance floor after her dance with the Chambelan for a choreographed waltz. 

The Quinceanera’s court members invite guests after the waltz. Thus, the audience can now join them on the dance floor. That’s when the real party starts. Quinceanera reception can include special traditions like changing shoes. This is the last doll ritual. The Quinceanera speech is highly anticipated and it can also be part of the reception. There can also be a surprise dance and a Padrino’s dance.

Best DJ Service for Quinceanera

Weeki Music offers an exclusive DJ service for Quinceanera. Our DJ package for Quinceanera can include Madrina, Padrino, and Dream Quince music dance. But, regardless of what you want your Quinceanera DJ package to include, we ensure that you enjoy a great time. We make sure that this special day is full of memories you will live to remember. 

Our Quinceanera DJ service is bilingual. It’s also offered using state-of-the-art equipment and a complete setup. What’s more, we help you with every aspect of the planning process. Our staff is professional, courteous, and helpful. Be confident that you will have the most memorable occasion once you engage our Quinceanera DJ service. We make the entire event fun and stress-free from the beginning to the end.

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