School Events

DJs for School Events

Weeki Music has the best DJs for school events in San Antonio and its environs. We have experienced DJs whose specialty is school music. These are the professionals to hire when you want everybody to be on the dance floor when they get behind the deck. Our DJs have been playing and mixing music for students for many years. They know the best music to play at any school function. 

Trust us to play clean and edited music that can be listed to students, teachers, and parents or guardians at the same time. Our school events DJs won’t play music with explicit or vulgar lyrics at your function. Our goal is to bring a fun and safe experience at your school.

High-Quality School DJ Services

Our DJ services for schools are of the highest quality. Our DJs will meet with you before the day of your function to discuss your special entertainment needs. This ensures that you get services that are tailored to suit your occasion. Our prices are reasonable. What’s more, we have the best music selection for all schools. Whether it is junior high school hip hop or high school prom music and elementary reward dance, our crew has you covered. Our school events DJs are experienced entertainers that bring the desired experience.

In addition to playing and mixing songs, our DJs can help you with the following: 

  • Music/songs selection 
  • Lighting 
  • Sound system 
  • Party theme 
  • Special effects light

Only the music that parents and school administrators approve of will be played at your school event. Nevertheless, count on our DJs to transform the venue of your school event into a venue for the dance party of the year. We use the best sound systems, quality music, and superior lighting. Our talented DJs will make sure that every attendee has the moment they will live to remember.

DJ Services for Custom School Events

Every school has a unique spirit and feel. Therefore, we provide personalized DJ services to every school. We aim to bring out the right vibe for your school. Once you enlist our DJ services once, you will never hold a school event without a DJ again. Trust us to make your school function the most memorable and successful. 

We have been offering DJ services for schools in San Antonio for years. That means we know the kind of music that students, parents, and administrators will like. What’s more, our DJs are veterans in the entertainment and school party scenes. As such, they know what’s trending. Be confident that our DJs will keep everybody dancing at your school function. Our goal is to bring a perfect experience to your school event. Everybody that will attend your school function will stay energized and have fun throughout. 

Whether you need a school prom DJ, Booster Club DJ, Fundraiser DJ, or Winter Formal DJ, we have the best music expert for you. Just let us know the DJ services you need for your school and the event when booking. 

Contact us now to hire the best DJs for school events in San Antonio!